by Peter C. Mackeonis

Complete story-line   (SPOILER ALERT)


A CALIFORNIA COUP is all three books FREEFALL, CALIFORNIA 20/20 and WE ACT...

FREEFALL is the first book in the CALIFORNIA COUP series.

When Amrit Kahn, the down-and-out co-founder of ZEN, the world’s largest social media company, discovered that the Government had waited for everyone to own a personal computer before launching the internet, he was shocked. Then, when he learned that ZEN had joined with Homeland Security to monitor every piece of transmitted or stored information, he was horrified. It was only when ZEN agreed to help the White House collect compromising information on international public figures that he knew he had to act... and that’s when things went into FREEFALL

In book  two, CALIFORNIA 20/20, w
ith Roger now out of the picture, book two opens with Anna Eisenberg returning to ZEN, the two billion member social media company, as its CEO. When she discovers that Amrit is recuperating in a military hospital prison, she arranges for him to be freed and smuggled to Switzerland. With Amrit now back with ZEN, he advises Anna that, for ZEN to live up to its founding principles and do good in the world, it needs to dominate the worlds financial markets and they recruit the retired English banker Douglas Wilde to assist in the creation of the Libra cybercurrency. When Amrit reads in the paper that the California governor is to adopt the left-wing radical Venezuelan, Alejandra 'Alexa' Cortes', 20/20 vision for a socialist California for the homeless and immigrant population, Anna sees the opportunity to immediately take the Libre mainstream...and the stage is set for A CALIFORNIA COUP. 

In book three, WE ACT, But We Do No Harm, with Anna Eisenberg having battled Homeland Security and won, ZEN's OneWorld membership is now over two billion strong. Now, with Anna having recruited Banker Douglas Wilde to fund the California governor's 20/20 socialist vision, in WE ACT, BUT WE DO NO HARM, they arrange for the city of San Francisco to accept ZEN's Libre cybercurrency as its official payment method. Now the stage is set for ZEN to take the libre mainstream, that is, if it they can successfully take on the banks, the Federal Reserve, drug cartels and the Mafia. Or, will there be ... A CALIFORNIA COUP


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Finally, WE ACT, But We Do No Harm


Then, came CALIFORNIA 20/20


First, there was FREEFALL


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