Social Media Novels
by Silicon Valley Insider
Peter C. Mackeonis
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 Is it really likely that a 2 billion member social media company would rethink the way that it is exploiting its members?

Could a 2 billion member social media company decide  to no longer work with its government masters?  How should the  Administration resppond when words no longer worked?

Should government special agents chase a social media CEO across the world only to be fooled into granting full immunity from proesecution?

But that's how it became ANNA's GAME.

Before it became A CALIFORNIA COUP!


The Tech-Insider Author

I came of age during the London music scene of the 60's listening to the WHO and Spencer Davis through Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Fresh and idealistic I worked for the travel company that, before going bankrupt, ruined the Spanish coastline by overbuilding. I then spent a year at a multinational mining company before I discovered that they had arranged for the Australian police force to beat up uncooperative miners in Papua New Guinea, and I saw a government minister turn the spigot on the 'first' live stream of North Sea oil that in actuality came for a barrel of imported oil. My auditing assignments were clouded by witnessing lead-liquidators stealing company property, and witnessed by accident a 'private' ledger detailing sanction-busting arms shipment, and an architectural company denying a widow her engineer husband's life insurance payout after they sent him to his untimely death in Iraq.

But it was in the late 70's, as a co-founder of a successful software company, that I began three decades negotiating deals with Silicon Valley 'names,' that my real education in business ethics began in earnest,

If you want to know how today's technology came about, and where it's going to take you, forget all you have seen in the media, as ninety-nine percent of it is just what you're supposed to think. Pick up a copy of ANNA'S GAME for Silicon Valley's true history and A CALIFONIA COUP for a glimpse in to the future, because we all live in the world of make-believe, of open theft and duplicity; where released product doesn't have to work and where product managers, sales directors and their CEO's all have the morals of street hustlers of used car salesmen.


WHAT if a 2 billion member social media company, refused to spy on the global wealthy for the US government and instead took away access to the US-based cameras and monitoring equipment to the DHS?

WHAT if a 2 billion member social media company influenced the US election process through media posts and cash donations and supported the socialist efforts of the governor of California?

WHAT if a 2 billion member social media company was attacked by the a combination of White House, the banks and the mafia when it planned to introduce a cyber currency that would upend the worlds financial systems?


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