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A Callifornia Coup by Peter Mackeonis


(Why Governor Newsom was Never in Danger)

Following Tuesday night's 'vote of confidence' for California Governor Gavin Newsom, there will be much shouting that the recall election was fixed, but the truth is far simpler: Californians are not who Californians once were. Battered and bruised by decades of political and corporate abuse, the average Californians mind is as potholed as the roads that they drive and their intellects as poisoned as the heavy metals-laced tap water that they drink.

They beleive that Socialism is the answer

For some decades California's shrinking job base due to automation, off-shoring through and to China and an increase in illegal immigration has culminated in an unprecedented increase in social 'entitlements,' for food, housing, child care, and health services. And, as ironic as it may sound - because no one in authority seems to under the concept of cause and effect - the increase in entitlements gave rise to the concept of California SHOULD BE a state-supported state. i.e a social democratic California. To that end, socialists infiltrated city councils and school boards up and down the state - and in Sacramento.

When the COVID virus presented itself Governor Newsom recognized an incredible opportunity to break the people and remold society. Backed by the national media and with Facebook and Twitter blocking all criticism he passed sweeping quasi laws claiming 'Emergency Powers' and made reckless recommendations. Bypassing the California Legislature, he issued Executive Orders to enforce restriction of travel, the closure of state parks and beaches, wearing of mask mandates, business closures and stay at home orders. Basically he had everybody by the balls.

Even before the COVID lock-downs, Californians who resented the governors policies had moved to recall the him for abuses of power. They were tired of water shortages because of bad water management, wildfire-destroying towns caused by bad forest management, a behavior that seemed to irrationally favor undocumented immigrants and his tolerance of the state's 150,000 homeless. But they miscalculated. They had not factored in the governor's support from the nation's main power brokers: Silicon Valley's king-makers and -breakers Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

The icing on the governor's cake appeared in the closing days of the vote to recall when Barack Obama, president Biden and Vice President Harris came to town to support the unsupportable governor of the state where half of the nations 300,000 homeless clog streets and sidewalks.

So, on Tuesday night, a majority of voting Californians, regardless of the decades of abuse and neglect bought the false promise of a brighter future, to accept the smooth transition from a democracy to a socialist police state: they denied the recall of Governor Newsom.

And now Governor Newsom, emboldened by his survival, can only become more aggressive in his plans to Socialize California and plot the establishment of the USSA, the United Socialist States of America. But he and the Democratic party do not understand that it is Social Media that are holding the levers.


(c) copyright Peter Mackeonis September 2021




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