In Three Acts
A social media tale of political connivance, distrust and deceit

 Finally, WE ACT, But We Do No Harm

ZEN's libre cybercurrency upends
global banking

Then, came CALIFORNIA 20/20

ZEN supports California's
socialist governor


First, there was FREEFALL


Social Media giant ZEN takes on
Homeland Security

WE ACT - the dystopian novel by peter mackeonis
CALIFORNIA 20/20  - the dystopian novel by peter mackeonis

FREEFALL - the dystopian novel by peter mackeonis


Paperback $12.95


Kindle eBook $4.95




Paperback $12.95
Kindle eBook $4.99



Paperback $12.95
Kindle eBook $4.99


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Spoiler alert - for all 3 books 

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Independent Review of A CALIFORNIA COUP

"Just finished all of A CALIFORNIA COUP. That was a hell of a journey you sent me on. Could not imagine a more interesting time in life to have encountered this story. Fiction correct? So much seemed to be VERY plausible.

Not sure I’ll look at the news or other media in the same light ever again. I have never been one to take media for granted, but this story opens more for questioning. A roller coaster ride to say the least; felt like riding the Big Dipper twelve times in a row and still wanting another go.

As a patriotic American, the ending gave me the chills! In short, I loved the novel and thanks again for the opportunity for a great read."



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